A Fungus Among Us!?

Unfortunately, a condition called "Impatiens Downy Mildew" or plasmopara obduscens, has spread throughout the United States and wiped out Impatiens Walleriana. This includes the bedding plant impatiens and double impatiens. IT DOES NOT INFECT NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS (impatiens hawkeri) or Sunpatiens and Divine Impatiens. Symptoms are a yellowing of the leaves, and then a white, fuzzy-down appearance to the underside of the leaves. The next thing you know, the plants have dropped their leaves and died. The downy mildew can be spread several miles by air and water, and can remain in the soil and the environment for several years. As of now, THERE IS NO CURE!! These infected plants must be removed and sealed in a plastic bag, and not composted. It is extremely contagious, but only to other impatiens.

Unless the host plants (impatiens walleriana) are eliminated, this infectious disease will continue to spread! For this reason, we have chosen not to carry impatiens for this season. We must now open our eyes to some wonderful alternatives!!

Click pdf. file below for Alternatives to Impatiens!