Trees for small or narrow spaces

In the urban community, we are finding, more and more, that the desire to plant trees in smaller, more confined spaces is becoming more popular. Folks with smaller yards are still seeking to obstruct a view or provide shade to a deck or patio but think they are limited because the space they have available won't handle a large shade tree. We have recently stocked our nursery with several choices of trees that lend themselves to situations such as this. For planting in the strip between the street and sidewalk, we are recommending the versatile Upright European Hornbeam. This tree has a very upright habit up to 40' in height and at maturity only 10-15' wide. Because of this characteristic, this hornbeam can provide some shade and beauty to the street setting without jutting out into it and getting torn up by vehicles. It's columnar habit allows easy access for pedestrians on the sidewalk. Golden yellow fall color is another lesser, but still effective feature of this under utilized tree. We currently have several sizes of smaller to more mature specimens.

Another favorite for those limited areas is the English Oak. We specifically like the newer introduction, "Regal Prince." This variety has deep green foliage with great mildew and borer resistance on a very upright growing and stately tree up to 60' in height. Typically, in maturation, it will get only 20-25' in width. This tree will also lend itself to street planting, tall border plantings or even as a specimen planted in a prominent spot in the yard. Our trees are available in large 25 gallon containers and are looking very nice for instant gratification in the landscape.


This spring, our Japanese Maples are looking nicer than we've seen in a few years. Full and stocky specimens are available in several varieties of both tree or A. palmatum types, and the weeping A. dissectum varieties. Several that we'd like to entice you with are the Japanese Maple "Red Pygmy," which has dissectum or willowy foliage on an upright growing tree that grows to only 6-8' in height.

We also like the weeping green leafed variety "Viridis." This particular variety has lacey green leaves covering pendulous branches that can sweep the ground if allowed, on specimens that may only get 6' tall and 10' wide. In the fall, "Viridis" puts on quite the show! Fall foliage color is a bright vivid orange and can be easily spotted in the landscape come the month of October. Most of our Japanese Maples are containerized and can be planted any time through the growing season, and May is still a wonderful time to install a new tree. We carry Japanese Maples as small as 5 gallon up to some beautiful and full 8' Bloodgoods that look incredible!