Bedding Plants

A Fungus Among Us!?


Nature's Source

Nature’s Source plant food has been the power behind the flower in professional growing facilities since 1994. The secret is in the seed extract that is the foundation of this sustainable, low-salt formulation. Nature’s Source plant food not only feeds your plants it also feeds your soil! Since Nature’s Source contains naturally based oilseed extract it provides a food source for beneficial soil microbes promoting healthier growing conditions. It is effective and also safe to use around children and pets.

Seed Starting Timetable

Handout from our Seed Starting talk on February 22 with Vicki Lander of Flower Hill Farm

Plant Nannies are BACK!!

Finally and just in time for your summer escapes!

Specialty, Custom Designed Hanging Baskets

These are no ordinary hanging baskets like you'd pick up at the box stores!! We start each fall working with one of of favorite local growers (known for their meticulous standards) and design each one with St. Louis summers in mind.
Our greenhouse staff is known for putting together incredible blends of flowers and foliage for spectacular displays. We strive to build amazingly long-lasting combos that burst and cascade with color and texture, for sun or shade.

Essential Annuals for summer beauty!

There is always a lot of hype for the newest, most unique plant and flower. As much as it appeals to the plant collector in us, we would like to focus on the tried and true summer annuals that in our experience, are no-fail, reliable annuals to get you through a St. Louis summer!







KTRS Inside/Out Show Plant of the Week 9/22

If you like wave petunias, you're going to LOVE Cool Wave Pansies!
A brand new variety this fall!! They are perfect in baskets and window boxes—the long stems will cascade over the edges. Cool Wave pansies also make a great groundcover. Plants usually overwinter, if planted in the ground, (not necessarily in containers). Blooms are larger than those on Plentifall trailing pansies, an earlier hybrid.

We LOVE our Neighbors!!

Rolling Ridge is proud to support our local establishments!  We'd like to highlight a few we have been working with and invite you to visit them also. We hope you enjoy the unique ambiance they each provide and appreciate how they enhance our community!

Abode - 117 East Lockwood Avenue


ANNUAL PERIWINKLE "VINCA" - Low maintenance, profuse bloomer that loves the sun and heat!  Fertilze occasionally.

"BUTTERFLY RED" PENTAS - Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!  Heat tolerant.

MANDEVILLA VINE - Sun and heat loving vine that provides all summer color.  Deer resistant.

"KNOCK OUT" ROSE - Blooms from spring till frost!  Low maintenance and great disease resistance.

"LITTLE SPIRE" RUSSIAN SAGE - Shorter, upright perennial with spikes of lavender blue flowers.  Adds a sense of lightness to the garden!

Angel Moss

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