Helping Your Feathered Friends!

With the start of winter, our feathered friends will need a little help making it through till spring. Did you know that birds are a great predictor of winter storms? If you have bird feeders, you will notice that a day or two before the storm is to arrive the birds will feed heavily and then seek protection from the weather. You won't see much of them the day of the storm, but they'll be back feeding as soon as the weather breaks. So the next time the local TV weather person says that the winter storm of the century is coming, watch the birds and they will give you the real story!

Songbird Attracting Plants

When trying to attract songbirds (and keep them returning), provide a variety of plants that provide food (fruit/berries and seed) and shelter. If you have birdfeeders, place them near shrubs or trees that offer quick protection and a resting spot for the birds.

We have compiled a list of songbird-attracting plants to help in your landscape planning:

Hummingbird Attracting Plants

Brightly-colored flowers in reds, oranges, and pinks attract hummingbirds, but not all of these flowers provide nutrition for these birds. Large, tubular flowers are most likely to contain nectar.

Hang a hummingbird feeder near your house or garden to keep these favorite visitors returning.

We have compiled a list of hummingbird-attracting plants to help in your landscape planning:

Trees and Shrubs

Butterfly Bush
Flowering quince