Chicken Feed

It's about time! We know from many of our customers (and you know who you are!) that backyard chicken farming has been the hip and cool thing to do for a few years. So it makes sense that we go back to our roots as a feed and grain store. After all, we have been keeping your wild birds happy for many years, so now we will be the place to keep your backyard chicks well fed and happy too!

In addition to the Medium Scratch, which is a grain mix for mature chicken and the "Gold Standard" (18% breeder/layer crumbles) a complete layer feed for chickens, we will also have the "Farmers Helper" BabyCakes and Forage cakes that you can bet your chickens will find irresistible! Packed with healthy ingredients including corn, dried vegetables, vitamins, fruit, and seeds, these forage cakes are an excellent supplement to regular chicken feed. We recommend hanging these tasty cakes from wire. Your chickens will like the simulation of actually foraging in the wild - you'll notice less feather picking. This type of activity strengthens muscles and is enjoyable for the chickens. And happy chickens lay more eggs!!

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