This listing just a sample of what we usually have available.
Not all varieties are available at all times.
We expect our first shipment the week of April 11 and will continue until May 23.
Please visit us often for best selection!!


 Amethyst - dark purple leaves
 Blue Spice - lemony-vanilla scent. Ornamental
 Cinnamon - spicy sweet
 Genovese - THE Italian basil. The one for pesto!!
 Holy Red/Green - Clove scented. Grown in temples all over India
 Lemon Sweet Dani - Lemon flavor
 Mammoth - palm sized, crinkled leaves
 Purple ruffles - dark purple ruffled edged leaves
 Spicy Bush - small dome shaped pant. Leaves can be used whole
 Thai Magic - mild large leaves often used in Asian cooking
 Greek Columnar great flavor, non flowering. good for indoor basil
 Pesto Perpetuo - green and white variegated foliage

Bay Laurel


 Ornamental, #1 monarch butterfly attractor


 leaves have a cucumber flavor and blue star flowers


 virtually evergreen, pleasant cucumber flavor for soups and salads



 German daisy-like flower heads used for tea




 Delfino - Same flavor, but with fern like leaves. Easier to chop.


 Vietnamese - A good substitute for cilantro in the summer. Grows like mint


good for aromatic gardens, ornamental


 Hercules - good leaf producer, make dill pickles.


 Lemon - very different from the silver dollar variety. Long, narrow green leaves with a strong lemon scent. Ornamental  Silver Dollar - aromatic. Silver-grey leaves. Used in floral arrangements


 Bronze - striking purple-green-bronze foliage. Favored by beneficial insects.


 Betty Blue - large dark blue flowers
 Dilly Dilly - compact growth
 Dutchmill - blue/violet flowers
 Fernleaf - very early bloomer, loved by hummingbirds. Tender perennial
 Fringed (french) - saw-toothed waxy edged leaves. Tender perennial
 Goodwin Creek - compact. Blooms throughout the summer
 Grosso - extremely fragrant
 Hidcote Blue - deep blue flowers. Good for sachets and potpourri
 Munstead - compact and fragrant
 Spinach - beautiful purple "butterfly" bracts atop light green foliage. Tender perennial
 Super - main commercial lavender grown in France.

Lemon Balm

great lemon scent, excellent bee plant


 East Indian - clump, grass-like plant. Strong lemon scent. Use in Asian cooking or tea

Lemon Verbena

top lemon scent. Use leaves for flavoring baked good or for potpourri


early spring leafy herb, sharp celery flavor

Marjoram, sweet


 Kentucky Colonel Spearmint - most popular, best flavor. Good for Mint Juleps or Mojitos!
 Lime - excellent in summer drinks Mojitos, Caipirinhas


 Alaska mix - green and white foliage. yellow, orange, crimson and salmon edible flowers and leaves.
 Mahogany - Beautiful rich deep red color. These go quick, so buy them when you see them!


 Greek - standard for pasta and pizza
 Hot and Spicy
 Italian - upright growth habit
 Kent Beauty - Ornamental, profuse lavender flowers. Great for hanging baskets!



Patchouli, ornamental

Rosemary (all tender perennials)

 Barbecue - strong stems can be used as flavorful skewers
 Blue Spire
 Severn Sea


Ornamental. Pest repellant


 Pineapple - ornamental, hummingbirds love it's bright red fall blooming flowers. Tender Perennial
 Purple - magenta leaves, compact growth
 Tri-color - variegated leaves
 Mexican Bush - known as hummingbird sage. Ornamental. Tender perennial

Savory, Winter


 Red Veined - compact plant with dark green leaves and red veins. Use to liven up spring salads


 Red Malabar - loves the St. Louis heat, a vigorous ornamental vine with edible leaves.


The sugar herb, use to sweeten teas


 French - Distinct anise flavor


 Foxley - variegated leaves
 Golden Lemon
 Orange Scented
 Tabor - shiny round leaves
 Creeping, Red - good ground cover, pink flowers


 Sweet - ornamental, good for shady ground cover

Scented Geraniums

nice addition to herb and flower gardens. Aromatic, ornamental. Great for patios and as houseplants!

Grow Your Own!

There are few things as satisfying to a home gardener than to wander out into the garden and harvest and consume the fruits of their labors.

Consider just a few of the benefits of growing your own vegetables:

- Lowers the cost of providing your family with healthy, organic vegetables

- Reduces the environmental impact of transporting and warehousing food

- Makes your meals more personal and interesting

- Connects your family with the natural cycles of weather, growth, and renewal

- Provides a wholesome activity and lasting memories for children

- It's fun AND good for you!



• 1 cup sugar •
1 cup fresh basil leaves, plus extra basil for garnish •
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (or lemon juice from concentrate)
•6 cups water for lemonade (+1 1/2 cups to make syrup)


Lime Mint Mojitos

  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 large sprig of Lime mint*
  • 1.5 oz. white rum
  • 1/2 fresh lime cut in quarters
  • Club soda
  • Ice


One of the more popular herbs, rosemary, given as a gift, is thought to bring good health and prosperity to the recipient. Our plants come in topiary form and windowsill size.