Nature's Source

Nature’s Source plant food has been the power behind the flower in professional growing facilities since 1994. The secret is in the seed extract that is the foundation of this sustainable, low-salt formulation. Nature’s Source plant food not only feeds your plants it also feeds your soil! Since Nature’s Source contains naturally based oilseed extract it provides a food source for beneficial soil microbes promoting healthier growing conditions. It is effective and also safe to use around children and pets.

Fall Houseplant Care

The cooler temps should be a signal that the summer vacation has come to an end for our houseplants! Now is the time to bring your houseplants back inside.

Plant Nannies are BACK!!

Finally and just in time for your summer escapes!

Citrus in the Midwest?!

We love to grow citrus trees! They make a beautiful potted specimen plant for any deck or patio. The flowers smell heavenly, and the edible fruit that follows is an added bonus!

Essential Annuals for summer beauty!

There is always a lot of hype for the newest, most unique plant and flower. As much as it appeals to the plant collector in us, we would like to focus on the tried and true summer annuals that in our experience, are no-fail, reliable annuals to get you through a St. Louis summer!







Medinilla magnifica or Pink Lantern

Perhaps you saw the few specimens in our greenhouse, while you were in shopping during the Christmas season and was intrigued but didn't take one home for the holidays.

Anthurium andraeanum

Also known as the Flamingo Flower, is among the best-known tropical flowers.

Custom Centerpieces

Entertaining? Having a party for two or 200? Wouldn't you like your table to be the center of attention? Let us design a living centerpiece especially for you! We've noticed a shift from cut flowers, to plants and flowers with roots, that will live on long after the party is over. Stop by Rolling Ridge, and let's chat about what look you're going for. Give us your budget, color scheme and overall look that you'd like to achieve, and together we will come up with a plan.

We LOVE our Neighbors!!

Rolling Ridge is proud to support our local establishments!  We'd like to highlight a few we have been working with and invite you to visit them also. We hope you enjoy the unique ambiance they each provide and appreciate how they enhance our community!

Abode - 117 East Lockwood Avenue


For the "Irish" in all of us, how about a blooming shamrock plant (Oxalis) to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! The shamrock is easy to grow as a houseplant. Give it bright, indirect light.