A favorite flowering bulb for the holidays!
Easy to grow and long lasting winter color. The flowers of your amaryllis can be enjoyed year after year by following these simple reblooming steps. Once the amaryllis is finished blooming for the year, you can remove the tall hollow flower stalk. The bulb should then begin sprouting a number of long strap like leaves. These need to be kept in tact, allowing for the bulb to store up all the energy it will need to perform next year. In the spring, the plant can be placed outdoors in a filtered sun location and left there for the summer. In late summer, August, cut the leaves back to the bulb, knock the soil away from the bulb and trim back the roots. Store the bulb in a dry, cool place. In mid to late October, repot the bulb in fresh soil, water and keep in a bright warm spot. Your amaryllis should rebloom in 8-10 weeks!!

1 to 2 feet
0.75 to 1 foot
Hardiness Zone: 
8 to 10