It's fall and if you've been out walking or jogging or even driving, you may have noticed a small somewhat unkempt arching shrub that is displaying a massive amount of purple berries. This shrub, the beautyberry has been gaining considerable attention the last number of years. Very easy to grow and easy to keep looking nice, the beautyberry (Callicarpa spp.) is available in several different varieties and all are very hardy. Small pinkish white flowers in mid to late summer give way to purple fruits that last into the winter months and are eventually devoured by our songbirds, cardinals and mockingbirds especially. Presently, we are stocking the varieties 'Early Amethyst' which tops out in the 4-5' range with a arching or weeping habit spreading to 5' and 'Issai', which is a dwarf, more compact form, 3-4'. These will both be covered with the small purple fruits abundantly up and down the branches. Come check these and all of our plant selections for fall and winter interest.