Fall Houseplant Care

The cooler temps should be a signal that the summer vacation has come to an end for our houseplants! Now is the time to bring your houseplants back inside. Well before our first frost, we need to get those houseplants back inside. It’s important to give them time to acclimate to being back indoors. The best time to bring them in is when your windows are still open. The plants will adjust to the change in humidity and temperature better if the change is gradual. Never bring in a plant with bugs! Wash or spray the leaves with water to remove summer dust and pollen. Let plants dry. Then spray with an indoor-safe or organic insecticidal soap just to be sure, or you can use one of the new systemic granules.  You could also use an insecticidal soil drench, or at least spray the soil a few times with your insecticide.
Remember to clean the pot it’s in also! If possible, avoid re-potting in the fall and wait until spring. Re-potting may stimulate new growth. Know the light requirements for your houseplants! Many need to be in a room with good, bright light. Expect some leaf drop and/or yellowing leaves in response to the lower light inside. If possible, move the plant gradually into the lower light area of your home. Less water and fertilizer will be needed over the winter months. For most plants, allow the soil to dry slightly between watering.
Also rememeber to reduce fertilizer or even discontinue use if plants appear to be resting!
With a little care, your houseplants should be happy being back indoors for the winter!
We also carry a full supply of rolling saucers and plant caddies to make moving your plants in and out of the house effortless!!