A Plethora of New Redbuds

The common Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) has long been a favorite of home gardeners for adding beauty to their spring landscape. This ornamental tree has been widely planted for years and is often seen growing wild along our roadways and native areas of the state. Its early  buds and pink blooms are a harbinger of spring color to come. Its cousin, the Whitebud has all the same characteristics but obviously with a white bud and bloom and it is not seen as prevalently as the species. Two less recent introductions have also become quite popular. About 30 years ago the 'Forest Pansy' Redbud made its debut to the delight of many folks who admired this trees beautiful deep burgundy early season foliage color. The deep pink buds followed by the almost purple leaves made this tree quite popular. Another more novelty type of redbud arrived on the scene a little more recently. The 'Lavender Twist' or Covey Redbud is a unique weeping form that still holds the usual pink spring bud and bloom but on an ornamental tree that would remind you of an umbrella standing prominently in the garden. Fast forward to a more current time, the variety 'Hearts of Gold' came along offering a nice contrast, with its golden chartreuse foliage, to the already popular 'Forest Pansy'. We will also soon offer some nice specimens of the variety 'Appalachian Red'. This tree has all the normal tendencies of a regular redbud except that this variety has buds that actually comes close to resembling the color of red.