There are poinsettias and then there are poinsettias from Rolling Ridge Nursery!
Our award winning local grower has perfected a technique that produces beautiful, stocky plants. The poinsettia color spectrum has been altered considerably over the years. No longer is red the only choice available, albeit still the most popular. Nowadays, several shades of red, including a deep colored variety called 'Prestige Maroon', which also boasts a deeply cut bract and dark green leaves, have emerged. Cortez Burgundy is another stocky variety with a deep almost purple/red color allowing for a shade that has never been offered before in a poinsettia. There are many new white varieties, or creamy white, available as well. We have chosen 'Angelica White' for its low branching habit, its stockiness and its great bract development making these poinsettias stand out in your holiday display. We like to mix white in with other colors as it always seems to help make the other colors more vivid.
We have chosen the variety 'Maret' as our choice for a poinsettia in the pink shades. This variety has a true rich coral/pink tone on a plant with good branching structure and bract production giving these poinsettias the look of solid color. Stunning! We will also stock a number of novelty varieties that are unusual as well as festive. We especially like the new 'Ice Punch' which has a cool reddish margin on the bracts fading inwardly to pink. The cutleaf appearance also adds a bonus to the overall look of the plant. Our 'Marble' poinsettias are also very nice. Our stocky plants carry the traditional creamy white margin with the deep pink centers. Look for 'Jingle Bells', 'Strawberries & Cream' and the extremely unusual 'Winter Rose' poinsettia also available in our greenhouses this Christmas season. Make sure to check with our staff if you have questions regarding the purchase of large quantities of our poinsettia plants for your office decoration or a school fundraiser. In most cases we are able to give better pricing on big numbers.

Euphorbia pulcherrima
3 to 10 ft
3 to 7 ft
Hardiness Zone: 
9 to 11