What's That Shrub With the Blue Flowers?

An often asked question this time of year, as many of our customers here at Rolling Ridge are curious about the small shrub with the intense blue flowers they have seen around town.  The plant they are most likely seeing is the late summer flowering Caryopteris, or Bluebeard or Blue Mist Spirea as they are commonly referred.  This small shrub spends most of the summer as a rather uninspiring plant often used in the back border of a perennial or herb garden and is only realized if you happen to brush by it and release the lavender like aroma into the air.  The fragrant foliage is an easy way to recognize this plant in the garden, but if you are still confused, there is an easier way to identify Caryopteris.  In late August and into early September, this plant becomes loaded with intense blue flowers that typically attract butterflies, bees and many other flying insects. The color on this small sub-shrub persists into the month of September and adds a stiking contrast for this time of year.  We stock several varieties of Blue Mist Spirea including the golden foliaged 'Sunshine Bleu'.  Stop in and pick one of these easy to grow shrubs to add to your fall landscape.