Angel Moss

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Angel Moss is 100% Pure, Natural Sphagnum Moss from New Zealand. New Zealand - A land of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes, is an island country in the South Pacific where nature rules, where 'clean and green' is the image and reality Angel Moss TM commonly known as Sphagnum Moss is grown on the West Coast of New Zealand - a country of great contrasts, abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery including rivers, lakes, mountains and forests. The high rainfall (about 170” a year) on the West Coast of the South Island provides the perfect growing environment for Angel Moss TM to thrive and regenerate itself every four to five years. From the natural swamps on the West Coast of New Zealand, Angel Moss TM is carefully harvested by hand, dried and transformed into soil conditioners, orchid growing medium and liners for hanging baskets, patio planters, container gardens.   New Zealand’s Sphagnum Moss has, for many years, been recognized in Japan as the world’s premium orchid growing medium.

WATER HOLDING PROPERTIES  Constructed like a big sponge, Angel Moss TM absorbs water and freely releases it to plants. It can hold up to 20 times its own weight in water which means 1lb of dry Angel Moss TM can hold up to 2 gallons of water. Angel Moss TM has a high exchange capacity which is to say that it has the ability to transfer fluids and nutrients extremely well.

ANTISEPTIC PROPERTIES The acidity of Angel Moss  inhibits most bacterial growth. It is regarded as being a sterile medium that is naturally Aseptic which means it contains no bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms. It contains a natural antibiotic called ‘Tropolene’ which prevents the growth of micro-organisms. Due to its unique absorptive properties, Angel Moss TM reduces leaching or runoff of nutrients present in or added to the soil, releasing them over time. Benefits of Angel Moss 

HALF THE WATERING It is widely acknowledged that due to its moisture-holding properties Angel Moss provides a sympathetic base for lining hanging baskets. Every part of Angel Moss is permeated with minute tubes and spaces resulting in a system of delicate capillary cells, having the effect of a very fine sponge. The cells readily absorb water and retain it to a capacity of up to 20 times its dry weight. This means that 1lb of dry Angel Moss TM can hold up to 2 gallons of water. And since Angel Moss liners absorb so much water, retain that water and transfer that water so well, your plants will always be maintained in top condition. Angel Moss really is ‘Nature’s Sponge’ Over recent years easy to use, preformed liners made of coco-fiber have been introduced and widely marketed as an alternative to moss.   However independent and practical usage has highlighted significant differences in the watering requirements of hanging baskets lined in coco-fiber when compared to those lined with Angel Moss.  Acknowledged experts/leaders in hanging baskets in NZ and the USA have reported when trialing preformed Angel Moss liners that Angel Moss requires significantly less watering than coco-fiber.    "Having used coco-fiber for many years I find that the Angel Moss Liners hold significantly more water, and I have had to cut back the number of days I need to water by half." Peg Marsden, Hamilton, New Zealand

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