Eco Planters™

Rolling Ridge is proud to offer our customers The Ecological Alternative to Plastic Pots, Eco Planters™. Eco Planters™ are made from recycled agricultural by-products (rice husks, bamboo pulp, and corn husks) and are completely environmentally friendly. These wonderful new containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to meet any of your potting needs.

Use: Eco Planters™ can be used indoors or out; they are strong, lightweight, and weather resistant. Under normal conditions, Eco Planters™ should last 3-5 years.
Disposal: Here's the best part! After use, simply crush or break your Eco Planters™ into pieces, then sprinkle on your soil or compost pile. Your Eco Planters™ will gently decompose and become part of your soil!