We are out of our "scent"ces

Every spring brings an onslaught of beautiful blooming trees and shrubs. Those species that flower early in the spring are numerous. Those that put on a colorful display and have fragrance are not as plentiful and nothing compares to the aroma of several members of the Viburnum clan.


It's fall and if you've been out walking or jogging or even driving, you may have noticed a small somewhat unkempt arching shrub that is displaying a massive amount of purple berries.

ZONE 5 or ZONE 6?

You probably hadn't noticed, but while the debate over whether or not our climate is changing and our planet is experiencing a general warming trend, the nation's hardiness zone maps were reconfigured several years ago. So, as you read this while looking out over another fresh coating of snow, and feeling single digit temperatures for the umpteenth time this winter, keep a wary mind over what I'm about to tell you!

Crape Myrtle

Soon, all over town, the crape myrtle will begin their summer fashion show. Once only believed to be hardy in the south, these southern belles will definitely grow in your St.


Ahhh...nothing quite like the smell of lilacs in the spring! Try planting one right outside a window-you won't regret it!