The Green Store

Green Products in the Rolling Ridge Garden Center

Why "Gone Green" instead of the popular "Going Green"? All sorts of companies are jumping on the Green bandwagon these days.  At Rolling Ridge, we have always carried natural and organic products in our Garden Center.  We've been reusing and recycling for more than 30 years.  And, of course, we are in the Green industry of PLANTS! So, what has changed?

Custom Blended Soy Candles

Made right here in St. Louis with custom blended scents just for us and YOU - we think your're gonna love these new candles as much as we do!!

Plant Nannies are BACK!!

Finally and just in time for your summer escapes!

Angel Moss

Due to availability we are limiting sales to our retail customers only. Thank you!

The Green Store and Crab Grass Prevention

Dr. Earth

  • Organic Starter and Transplant
  • Organic Rose and Flower Food
  • Organic ACR Acid Fertilizer
  • Organic Tomato and Vegetable Food
  • Organic Flower Fertilizer
  • All-Purpose Fertilizer
  • Fruit Tree Fertilizer
  • Alfalfa Meal
  • Kelp Meal 
  • Organic Life All-Purpose Fertilizer
  • RTU Home and Garden Insect Spray
  • RTU Fruit and Vegetable Insect Spray
  • RRU Rose and Flower Insect Spray
  • Home and Garden Natural Insect Spray


We offer several styles of composters which are all made of durable 100% recycled materials. Fast efficient way to turn your kitchen and yard waste into nutrient packed soil. Made in the USA. 

Eco Pots

Eco Planters are an environmentally sound alternative to plastic pots, made from agricultural materials such as rice husks, corn husks, and bamboo pulp.  These recycled materials are blended with an eco-friendly colorant and cornstarch, then heat-pressed to form the pots.  Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Eco Planters are strong, lightweight and weather resistant.  Under normal conditions, each pot has a 3-5 year life span.  After use, just crush or break the planter, then dispose of it directly into the soil or compost.

Outdoor Furniture

The Generation Line of outdoor furniture is the fastest growing and greenest product line of its kind in North America. Since 1994 when they first began manufacturing their line of outdoor furniture, the mission to create  beautiful & functional designs from recycled plastic has steadily increased in scope.  What began as a small family operation has since expanded to include sales all over the world.  By purchasing recycled products we all keep the wheel turning. Recycled  materials are a sustainable method of conserving finite resources.

Recycled Oil Drum Sculptures

We love these Recycled Oil Drum Sculptures!! The designs are chalked out on flattened steel oil drums and then cut out with a mallet and chisel. This art form began in the late fifties with a blacksmith whose name was Georges Liataud. Many talented sculptors have since followed. These works are perhaps the most innovative in sculpture since Calder's Mobiles and grace such prestigious institutions as the Museums of Modern Art in Paris and New York. These sculptures are made to be used inside or outside. Outside they eventually do begin to turn a beautiful patina.