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Dr. Earth

  • Organic Rose and Flower Food
  • Organic Tomato and Vegetable Food
  • Fruit Tree Fertilizer
  • Alfalfa Meal
  • Kelp Meal 
  • RTU Home and Garden Insect Spray
  • RTU Fruit and Vegetable Insect Spray
  • Home and Garden Natural Insect Spray

Outdoor Furniture

The Generation Line of outdoor furniture is the fastest growing and greenest product line of its kind in North America. Since 1994 when they first began manufacturing their line of outdoor furniture, the mission to create  beautiful & functional designs from recycled plastic has steadily increased in scope.  What began as a small family operation has since expanded to include sales all over the world.  By purchasing recycled products we all keep the wheel turning. Recycled  materials are a sustainable method of conserving finite resources.

Recycled Oil Drum Sculptures

We love these Recycled Oil Drum Sculptures!! The designs are chalked out on flattened steel oil drums and then cut out with a mallet and chisel. This art form began in the late fifties with a blacksmith whose name was Georges Liataud. Many talented sculptors have since followed. These works are perhaps the most innovative in sculpture since Calder's Mobiles and grace such prestigious institutions as the Museums of Modern Art in Paris and New York. These sculptures are made to be used inside or outside. Outside they eventually do begin to turn a beautiful patina.