ZONE 5 or ZONE 6?

You probably hadn't noticed, but while the debate over whether or not our climate is changing and our planet is experiencing a general warming trend, the nation's hardiness zone maps were reconfigured several years ago. So, as you read this while looking out over another fresh coating of snow, and feeling single digit temperatures for the umpteenth time this winter, keep a wary mind over what I'm about to tell you!

Trees for small or narrow spaces

In the urban community, we are finding, more and more, that the desire to plant trees in smaller, more confined spaces is becoming more popular. Folks with smaller yards are still seeking to obstruct a view or provide shade to a deck or patio but think they are limited because the space they have available won't handle a large shade tree. We have recently stocked our nursery with several choices of trees that lend themselves to situations such as this. For planting in the strip between the street and sidewalk, we are recommending the versatile Upright European Hornbeam.

Spring Forward

It's that time of the year when we all wait with unbridled anticipation for the first color of the fresh, new year in the landscape!  As the end of one of the mildest winters in recent memory nears

Black Gum Tree

 Looking for a new tree to add to your landscape? Look no further...

A Plethora of New Redbuds

The common Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) has long been a favorite of home gardeners for adding beauty to their spring landscape.

Magnolia 'Jane'

Beautiful dark pink blooms cover this small tree/shrub in early spring. Part of the little girl series of Magnolias. They are a cross between m.stellata and m.lilliflora.

2014 Hardy Plant list

These listings are just a sample what we usually have availble. Not all varities are availble at all times.

Please visit us often for best selections!!