Christmas Trees

Our fraser fir cut Christmas trees are among the freshest in town! These hail from the eastern slopes of the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. We like frasers for their aroma and how they stay fresh in water well beyond the holiday season. Our trees have brightened homes in St. Louis for over 50 years! If you have the tradition of using a live tree for your Christmas focal point, we have the right tree for you. Our selection of spruce and pine is excellent.

Another Drought

Thus far, the fall of 2017 is following in line with the two previous autumns in the rain department. We keep a daily log of weather here at Rolling Ridge and looking back, we find only one measurable rain event during the month of September and have to go all the way back to August 22nd, the day after the eclipse to find a decent soaking rain. We remember mentioning that it was a good thing that that particular storm didn't happen the day before, would have ruined all the hoopla. Like last fall, continuing dryness can have a lasting impact on especially newly planted trees and shrubs. Click to read more...

Timely Tips - January

At this time of year not only do you need to watch out for snow and ice, but using the wrong removal product as well! Using the wrong "ice melt" product can lead to problems for your lawn and gardens. Basic rock salt is hard on both plants and concrete surfaces, especially brand new ones that have not been sealed. Ice melt with magnesium chloride is the safest material to use, and it will not damage concrete. It also works in colder weather. Products with potassium chloride or calcium chloride are the next safest.

Timely Tips From Don - December

Now that December is here, our focus is Christmas and making sure that your trees and greens are the freshest possible! Our Fraser Fir trees are grown in the mountains of North Carolina, the part of the country where they grow best. Depending on size, the trees will take 6 to 10 years to reach maturity. The trees are hand sheared every year to maintain their near perfect shape, the grass is mowed a number of times to allow light to reach the whole tree, and they are fed twice a year to maintain that beautiful blue color.

Timely Tips - February

With all of our up and down weather, many of us are itching to get outside and work in the garden. But remember there are at least 6 more weeks of *winter*. We are seeing people doing things that may do more harm if we return to real winter weather. Here is a list of garden jobs that are fine to do in early February regardless of weather:
1. Lime and Gypsum can be applied to lawns and gardens taking advantage of freezing and thawing to help work them into the top layer of soil. If you're not sure about the 'pH' of your soil, a check prior to liming is a good thing.

Helping Your Feathered Friends!

With the start of winter, our feathered friends will need a little help making it through till spring. Did you know that birds are a great predictor of winter storms? If you have bird feeders, you will notice that a day or two before the storm is to arrive the birds will feed heavily and then seek protection from the weather. You won't see much of them the day of the storm, but they'll be back feeding as soon as the weather breaks. So the next time the local TV weather person says that the winter storm of the century is coming, watch the birds and they will give you the real story!

Simple, Festive Holiday Decorating!

Decorating the home for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons has long been a tradition for many families over the years. The festive and colorful adornments often begin at the front door. Those large containers sitting on your front porch, that were overflowing with beautiful flowers through the summer months, can be given a new look. Think about adding a couple of small conical evergreens to those pots to enhance the front entry and make your home more inviting for the holidays.

Outdoor Furniture

These environmentally friendly outdoor adirondack chairs, benches, rockers, chaise lounge, pub sets, tables, and accessories made from durable, heavy duty recycled plastics, make for fun outdoor furniture all year long! The Generation Line of outdoor furniture is the fastest growing and greenest product line of its kind in North America.


We have recently restocked our supply of terrariums and plants suitable for terrariums. A creative, fun and low maintenance way to garden at anytime of the year.