Our Favorite Trees for Fall Color

The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are beginning to drop which makes people think that the planting season has ended. On the contrary, this is possibly the best time of the year to plant, especially trees! We thought we would share with you our favorites for fall color. Of course there are always others selections, but these are our top 5 trees that typically put on a great color show every autumn in the St.Louis area:


Fall is the time for planting spring flowering bulbs (tulips, crocus, hyacinths, daffodils and all the rest) and normally we are cool enough by mid-October to plant. The key to success with bulbs is understanding what they are and how they grow. The bulb is a self-contained plant; the flower bud is already formed and waiting for a dormant winter treatment (12 weeks of under 45 degrees to bloom) and the sides of the bulb are modified leaves. Tulips must totally regenerate a new bulb after flowering.


We're sure you remember the winter of '13-'14 as being one of the most bitter and icy that we had seen in several decades. Many of our landscape plants came out of this past winter severely damaged and in some cases killed back entirely or beyond hope. Many weather experts are calling for a repeat this upcoming winter season. We like to wait and see what happens, but whichever philosophy you aspire to, there are steps you can take to plan against the same results next spring.