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The grow your own craze has caught on and the season for starting crops for fall gardens is upon us! Empty space in your garden provide opportunities for starting some of our favorite vegetables for October harvests. So get those hoes and shovels out, clean up leftover debris, loosen up the soil and get planting! Now is the time to get cole crops in the ground; cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli transplants are ready. We also have starter plants of lettuces, chards and kale, and root crops like beets.

To Water or Not to Water.............

       This summer, that has definitely been the question. The 15 or so inches of rain that hit the area over the course of the month of June has really effected some of our landscape plants now, in August, that it has gotten a bit drier and hotter. We have seen a lot of magnolias and many coniferous (especially) evergreens that appear to be dying due to excessive amounts of rain 6 to 8 weeks ago.

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