The Plastic Pot Recycling Container has returned to Rolling Ridge!
Feel free to bring all of your empty plastic pots to be recycled.
The trailer is now in our back lot by the trees, and is available from 9am - 4pm, Monday - Saturday.
Thank you for your cooperation.

August is Bee Appreciation Month at Rolling Ridge!
Come see what all the buzz is about at at one, or all of our events each Saturday in August!
Each event is free and open for all ages!

Saturday, August 6

Experience the diversity of Missouri Native Bees. Did you know Missouri has over 400 species of bees?
These bees range in size from as small as a cookie crumb to as large as a half dollar. They come in a rainbow of colors and designs as well. In addition to being diverse and beautiful, they are the most effective pollinators for your garden! Come learn all about these buzzing beauties in your backyard and how you can help attract and feed them in a short presentation!

Saturday, August 13

Bee Hotel Workshop: Build homes for our native buzzing friends!
Many of our native Missouri bee species are actually solitary bees. Many of these bees make their homes in small wooden holes, like those in old tree logs or perennial plant stalks. We can help bees nest in more urbanized environments by providing bee hotels for them! In return they will help your garden stay healthy and increase your vegetable/fruit yields. Come make one of these homes with us at this free workshop!

Click on flyer to read more!


You've planned, planted, tended, and guarded your vegetable plants from critters and, before you know it, you've got an abundance of garden goodies. Now what?
If you are tired of the same old recipes, we have a treat for you. We are thrilled to have Caryn Dugan, better known as STL Veg girl, a plant-based cooking instructor and personal chef joining us and bringing plenty of new ideas, recipes, and samples to liven up your harvest. Come and be inspired! 
Saturday, August 6

Featured recipes:
Caprese Salad
Veg Ceviche
Dilled Green Beans With Cucumber
Quick Pickled Jalapenos

Please RSVP for this event so we can have enough samples and seating for all.

Our Biggest Sale of the Year!
We are ready to clean house...the greenhouse that is!
We want to make room and continue to bring you the best selection of houseplants, succulents and airplants in town. So, we have some plants looking for a good home at super low prices! 
All flowering annuals (6 packs & 4" pots) and all vegetable plants + herbs (regularly priced $4.99) and flowering hanging baskets are now 50% OFF!
It's not too late to plant!



A big thank you to MaryAnn Fink and St. Louis County Parks for recognizing Rolling Ridge Nursery as a Pollinator Pantry Provider!

Come in today to begin planning your menu!

We have all your eco-friendly alternatives to keep you outside all summer long!
Plants, candles, torches and more. Come ask us about them!

ANNUAL PERIWINKLE "VINCA" - Low maintenance, profuse bloomer that loves the sun and heat!  Fertilze occasionally. "BUTTERFLY RED" PENTAS - Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!  Heat tolerant. MANDEVILLA VINE - Sun and heat loving vine that provides all summer color.  Deer resistant. "KNOCK OUT" ROSE - Blooms from spring till frost!

• 1 cup sugar •
1 cup fresh basil leaves, plus extra basil for garnish •
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (or lemon juice from concentrate)
•6 cups water for lemonade (+1 1/2 cups to make syrup)

Native Plant Program

Present a featured Native Plant Program for Spring 2016

featuring 8 lower Midwest native milkweed species:

  • Asclepias incarnatamarsh milkweed
  • Asclepias purpurascens – purple milkweed
  • Asclepias sullivantii – Sullivant’s milkweed
  • Asclepias syriaca – common milkweed
  • Asclepias tuberosa – butterfly milkweed
  • Asclepias verticillata – whorled milkweed
  • Asclepias viridiflora – green milkweed
  • Asclepias viridis – spider milkweed

featuring 11 plant species and associated native pollinators:

  • Baptisia australis – blue wild indigo
  • Hydrangea arborescens – wild hydrangea
  • Liatris scariosa – blazing star
  • Monarda fistulosa – bee balm
  • Packera obovata – golden groundsel
  • Penstemon digitalis – foxglove beardtongue
  • Pycnanthemum tenuifolium – slender mountain mint
  • Solidago speciosa – showy goldenrod
  • Symphyotrichum oblongifolium – aromatic aster
  • Vernonia arkansana – curlytop ironweed
  • Zizia aptera – heartleaf golden Alexander

To learn more about native plants and landscape application opportunites: