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Tips for Fall Houseplant Care

Lynn Cressler | 05 October, 2022

            Tips for Fall Houseplant Care

As seasons change, so do your plant’s needs!

  • If your plants spent the summer outdoors it’s time to bring them inside. Check your plant for any bugs - sprinkle systemic insecticide granules on the soil and water in for longer protection. A spray of neem oil, triple action, or insecticidal soap will kill any visible bugs. All are safe to use.
  • As the days get shorter, pay attention to where your plants live. A bright light plant may need to move closer to a window. Remember to rotate them to allow even sunlight.
  • Some plants may require less water than during the growing seasons of spring and summer. Slower growth means lower water needs oftentimes.
  • Try increasing humidity, since indoor air is usually drier, especially when the heat is on. An over sized saucer with pebbles and grouping plants closer together works well.
  • Avoid placing plants near an exterior door and drafts. Avoid placement by heating vents. Maintaining a more “balanced” temperature is paramount.
  • Reduce or eliminate fertilizer. As growth slows so does the need for fertilizer. Focus on proper light and water needs.
  • Expect some leaf drop. Allow your houseplant to adjust to the lower lights of being brought back inside, or simply the lower light in fall and winter. Remove any leaves as they decline.
  • It’s always best to repot your plants in late winter, spring and summer. However, if a plant has outgrown its container, now is a good time to move it to a slightly larger pot with fresh, high quality potting mix. We like Happy Frog soils!We love our plants!

All of us at Rolling Ridge want you to be successful. Send us a photo or bring in a struggling plant and we will be happy to help!! While you’re at it, send us photos of your thriving plants as well!!