From pollinator gardens to houseplant care and everything inbetween, we will be sharing useful tips, tricks, and all of the benefits of owning plants!

  • Custom container planting

    Want a new combo pot for your front porch? Let us make it for you! Pick out your pot + plants and let us do the rest!

  • Installations and removals

    We can plant your new tree/shrub or other plant into your garden for you! Or, we can help clear the space for new plants!

  • Houseplant Care

    Need a pest solution? Time to repot with fresh soil? We can help!

  • Plant Experts

    Got a question? Need help choosing the right plant or product? Just ask one of our plant experts and we can ensure you have the perfect selection you need.

Custom Potting - How Does it Work?

  • 1. Pick your plants!

    Whether you're taking home a new houseplant or an annual container, find the plants that suit you best!

  • 2. Find the perfect pot

    Whether you choose a beautiful Italian Berg's Potter pot, a sturdy and eco-friendly Kanso Pottery pot, a locally made pot like mud + rose or Giessow Pottery, or go with the classic terra cotta - we have plenty of options in various sizes and styles for you to choose from!

  • 3. Drop them at the potting bench

    Find the potting bench in the greenhouse and leave your plants and pots with us - we will pot them up for you with the exact soil and amendments they need!

  • 4. Take your new masterpiece home!

    We hope you love it! Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram! @rollingridgenursery